Hospital Security - Bajwa Security Solution


Hospital Security Services

A hospital is like a city within a city and each one is complex and different. Hospitals face unique security and safety challenges because of the high volume of visitors and patients, fast paced environment and patient confidentiality concerns.

At Bajwa Group, we understand these needs and design Hospital security solutions to accommodate your clients; we customize hospital security solutions to deal with individual personality of the Hospital and the surrounding environment. We begin with a thorough survey and discussion of the results with the Hospital Management.

We then develop Hospital security services covering training, policies, protocols and implementation. We assign security staff who have been specifically trained in handling aggressive behaviour and fire safety as well as ongoing training specific to your Hospital and your needs. Everything can be customized, including the uniforms.

Some of the Hospital services provided by us are:
  • General Procedures.
  • Enforce all rules and regulations.
  • Implement visitors control schedule.
  • Monitor and enforce employee ID procedures.
  • Design and implement loss prevention SOP.
  • Regular Patrols and checks.
  • Provide emergency room and maternity ward protection.
  • Perform exterior and interior patrolling.
  • Perform regular inspection of safety equipment.
  • Provide assistance to Hospital personnel when required.
Some More Residential Security Services provided by us are:
  • Provide employee and visitor escort as necessary.
  • Crisis intervention.
  • Assist staff with unruly patients and visitors.
  • Respond to all code assists promptly.
  • Operation room needs. .
  • Handling of special or unusual incidents. .
  • Investigate all thefts and unusual incidents.
  • Investigating suspicious persons and vehicles.
  • Create professionally written reports and records.
  • Closed Circuit TV operations and monitoring.