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Hotel Security Services

Success in the Hotels and Hospitality sector is based on efficient service delivery, and with good service comes effective security of the establishments and the guests. Security is integral to any hotel’s success, as a poor security can expose guests to a plethora of risks and may compromise their wellbeing and as a corollary the reputation of the Hotel.

Investing in security is essential for the success of a hotel, however big or small it may be. The guest’s peace of mind is central to whether or not they will return to stay in the same Hotel again. There are particular risks that are pervasive in Hotels, one of which is unauthorized visitors. Our security Team is fully trained to deal with such situations in a safe and professional manner, causing minimal disruption.

Some of the Hotel security Services provided by us are:
  • Access control of all visitors and vehicles at all the gates/hotel site.
  • Visitors and VIP escort.
  • Site and office security patrol.
  • Vehicle mounted and foot patrolling of the perimeter.
  • Maintaining a log of duty changes as well as equipment movement.
  • Material in/out register.
Some More Hotel security Services provided by us are:
  • Daily activities log.
  • 24 hours guards handling of special or unusual circumstances.
  • Investigate all thefts and unusual incidents.
  • Investigate suspicious persons and vehicles.
  • Create professionally written reports and records.
  • Assisting in setting up and monitoring of Closed Circuit TV Cameras.