Recruitment And Training - Bajwa Security Solution


Recruitment And Training

At Bajwa Group we undertake a comprehensive selection and training process before any guard or officer is posted at a location. A mandatory 15 days training schedule is to be undergone and successfully completed by each and every guard and officer of the organisation. Before the posting of a guard at a location, a brief induction is given to him with regards to the company and his specific duties.

We take pride in having employed a majority of Ex-Servicemen from the Indian Army, Navy, Air Force, Police and Paramilitary Forces, in our Operations and Administrative divisions.

We have a specialized division which caters to our client’s servicing issues and which is headed and controlled directly by the Directors.
We would like to emphasize our total commitment towards quality and client satisfaction as security is a serious and personalized field.

Every guard receives a mandatory 15 days of training, which includes:
  • Physical Strengthening.
  • Guarding and Frisking Techniques.
  • Fire Fighting Techniques.
  • Soft Skills Training.
  • Equipment Specific Training.
  • Client Site Specific Training.

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