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Residential Security Services

We at Bajwa Group provide comprehensive security solutions tailor made for the residential complexes, buildings and bungalows. We are aware that every residential complex/society/building has its own typical sets of security challenges. Our thoroughly professional and competent Team will visit and study your premises and submit our survey report to you.

After detailed discussions with you, our Team will select security personnel trained specifically to meet your requirements within the premises at the earliest possible time frame. In case your residential complex/society requires deployment of additional assets, e.g., an ambulance with a driver stationed at your premise 24X7, we will provide the same.

Our strong army of security guards comprises of Ex- Servicemen from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Police and the Paramilitary forces, who are capable of handling all types of contingencies and emergency situations easily and efficiently.

Some of the Residential Security Services provided by us are:
  • Access control of all visitors and vehicles at the gate/plant site.
  • Visitors and VIP escort.
  • Site and office security patrol.
  • Vehicle mounted and foot patrolling of the perimeter.
  • Maintaining a log of duty changes as well as equipment movement.
  • Material in/out register.
Some More Residential Security Services provided by us are:
  • Daily activities log.
  • 24 hours guards handling of special or unusual circumstances.
  • Investigate all thefts and unusual incidents.
  • Investigate suspicious persons and vehicles.
  • Create professionally written reports and records.
  • Assisting in setting up and monitoring of Closed Circuit TV Camera .