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Solar Power Plant

Solar Plants are being set up across the length and breadth of our country as a proactive step towards countering the negative effects of carbon dioxide and green house gases generated by the burning of fossil fuels, while providing, eco-friendly power without hurting the environment. Almost all Solar Plants are established in remote areas.

The security of these installations is of high concern as the number of thefts in the areas is quite high. The thieves not only steal the attractive items which fetch them a good price in the black market, but also damage expensive equipment, causing huge monetary loss to the solar plant management.

Why Should You Connect With Us?

Our expert team of professionals is well trained to counter any type of security risk. We continuously strive to improve our services for meeting all the expectations of our esteemed Clients.

We recognize and understand that every installation/plant has its own peculiar threat perceptions, thus we train our Team members specifically for different sites/installations. Our training programmes are advanced and focussed on all relevant and essential points which are required to provide foolproof and tailor made security solutions to individual Solar Plants.

Some of our Solar Plant Services are:
  • Access control of all visitors and vehicles at the gate/plant site.
  • Visitors and VIP escort.
  • Site and office security patrol.
  • Vehicle mounted and foot patrolling of the perimeter.
  • Maintaining a log of duty changes as well as equipment movement.
  • Material in/out register.
Some Other Solar Plant Services are:
  • Daily activities log.
  • 24 hours guards handling of special or unusual circumstances.
  • Investigate all thefts and unusual incidents.
  • Investigate suspicious persons and vehicles.
  • Create professionally written reports and records.
  • Assisting in setting up and monitoring of Closed Circuit TV Cameras.